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Announcing the Winners of the First VOIS Art Club Competition

We're extremely excited to share the outcome of our first Art Competition in the Art Club run by our Mental Health Committee!

The theme was "FREEDOM".

Participants were split into three different groups that match their skill level, as a way to prevent demotivation of new artists who are first timers, and to keep the grounds fair.

We wanted to share the winning drawings from each group with you!

Which ones are your favourite?! Let us know what you think.

For us, we'll go with ALL of them!

馃殌 Art Club's Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/_TFj3s93Lq4xMjU0

** Everyone is welcome and free to practice art in the VOIS Art Club, regardless of their skills or whether art is a profession to them or just a hobby. It鈥檚 an opportunity to develop your art skills and bond with others with a passion for art. It's also kind of great for your mental health, and de-stressing. 2BDA2B5D-ABC7-401D-B8E4-EBFE5245ABF5 258F6A58-84D1-4CC9-9B00-D211019DC450 31C9F781-3878-4049-8512-627ABEC7F442

Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-04-12

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