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Black Lives Matter Solidarity Walk in EMU


On June 10th, 2020, we marched together in solidarity against racial discrimination, and to raise awareness to the issue of racism within the TRNC. We appreciate the Eastern Mediterranean University, for taking this initial first step of a long journey, towards what would hopefully be further proactive steps actions, in confronting and resolving the various issues experienced by many black students within the university and society.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated - both international students and members of the local community -- who have shown sustained support to this campaign! Life on the island is made beautiful because of all of you, and the incredible diversity of your presence! The first step towards making things better, and fostering dialogue, is the acceptance that there is indeed a conversation to be had!


Our demands to EMU:

  1. Have anti-discrimination laws and expectations for the university which all staff and students are aware of and expected to uphold.

  2. Have pastoral care staff dedicated to international students.

  3. Both public and private dormitories on campus should be cautioned against discriminating in the provision of dorm rooms to international students. For example, some dorms have segregated blocks for blacks and non-blacks. This practice has to stop.

  4. Support students in finding acceptable working conditions and informing them honestly of work conditions and pay. The staff for PDRAM needs to be trained and has good English and communication skills.

  5. Active promotion of more EMU multicultural and diverse events other than the Spring Fest and the International night.

  6. The University has to actively provide internship opportunities to those students whose departments require the completion of such a course. The career-week is an example of the current inefficiency and calls for a revision.

  7. Provide general support services, particularly mental health support. The PDRAM staff is unable to communicate properly in English language and often resort to prescribing medications for students rather than listening to their concerns. Also, the PDRAM staff is unable to appreciate and understand cultural differences and as a result fail to grasp the differences in cultural approaches. This has caused a loss of faith in PDRAM and the consequence is a mental health epidemic particularly among the black and Arab students.

  8. Yes, the current one is Turkish dominated, we need a quota system, and also student societies should be able to vote.

  9. Have a student union which is representative and with a strong voice. The current student union does not represent the interest of foreign students. It is heavily dominated 10-2 by Turkish students. Attempts to previously restructure the student union have fallen on deaf ears.

  10. Have a representative of the international students on the university senate.

  11. Open a legal office which provides a level of pro bono services to students in desperate need for legal advice and representation.




Posted by VOIS CYPRUS on 2020-06-11

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