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VOIS Cyprus Meets TRNC President, Mustafa Akinci


On Monday, the 31st August 2020, a VOIS Cyprus delegation, led by our President, Emmanuel Achiri, met with the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mr. Mustafa Akinci, to discuss issues relating to student welfare and our continuous collaboration with his office.

During this meeting, we extended our gratitude to the President and his office for their assistance during the initial troubling moments of the #covid19 pandemic.

The President recognized the difficulties foreign students face here, and promised to continue working with us, as he has done in the past to improve the living conditions and experiences of foreign students in North Cyprus.

We are deeply appreciative of this opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with his Office, as we continue to build a working relationship, which will benefit both foreign students and the people of Northern Cyprus.

Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2020-09-04

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