What is VOIS Cyprus?

VOIS Cyprus is an acronym for Voices of International Students in Cyprus.

Who are we?

We are a student-formed organization called VOIS Cyprus (Voices of International Students) in North Cyprus, which is aimed at providing a platform for International students to share their experiences, and to raise awareness to the local population on some moral issues, in an attempt to bridge the gap between locals and international students, and the civic society as a whole, and to combat discriminatory practices (work place and housing malpractices, sexual harassment, racism, social injustices and so on) against international students.

How can I join VOIS Cyprus?

To join us as a volunteer please click here

To join us as a member please click here

How can I reach VOIS Cyprus?

Find us on social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat ) @voiscyprus or Email us: Use this to check for regular updates on our activities.

Can VOIS Cyprus give me a job?

Unfortunately, not. But it is our pleasure to always inform international students about opportunities when and if we learn about them.

Who sponsors VOIS Cyprus?

We are MOSTLY self-funded currently (VOIS board members). We have received financial assistance from DAÜ-SEN, and raised funds from sales of OPEN MIC event tickets (events for networking and self-expression through art and music). However, we are open to donations from well-meaning brands and individuals. You can also assist us by purchasing our T-shirts. These funds will enable us execute our goals, no matter how little. Further details can be found in the FUNDING section of our website.

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