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I have a tale I have to tell.

To tell of the man I used to be;

And how ill-fated that turned out for me.

You see, I once was a believer in love. Believe it or not, I had a fair maiden of my own.

She was the beauty that tamed my inner beast

On her elegant mind and kind heart, my soul would feast.

It felt like a fable once told; the concept behind a fairy-tale once sold.

Her kisses flowered my affection and I believed that nothing could ever change the way i felt for her.

Until, one day, it hit me or should I say she hit me.

Like a thunderstorm on a sunny day, I did not see that coming.

The first strike, cut me the deepest

Her scapegoat being her intoxication and her apology being sincere, I wanted to believe it wouldn't happen again

That 'once off' turned into a cycle,

That one punch turned into Mike Tyson

As i watched myself suffer at the hands of my children's mother.

I realised My pride and Joy became my fall,

The funny thing is you never know you're treading on thin ice until you're drowning in chilly water

I tell you Her highs led to my lows.

Let me rephrase that; her Highs led to my blows

Instead of blowing me off my feet, she used me as an object to blow off steam.

Today my cry is that PTSD may set me free.

They say that once beaten, twice shy.

So, when they ask me why I'm single ,A simple question to them i pose.

The strength I once had feels like it’s gone.

How do you expect a wounded soldier to go back to war?

- Chileleko Chilala

Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-02-03

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