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2021 First Quarter Human Rights Monitor by VOIS Cyprus

Human Rights are universally inherent rights that we have simply because we exist as human beings. Unfortunately, there are many among us in society, who have some of their rights being violated.

We are making efforts towards continuing on a path of transparency about what often happens behind the scenes for us as VOIS Cyprus, away from the usual surveys and research. These are some issues that people come to us with, without us having to make the call for submissions, trusting us to assist, here in Northern Cyprus.

It is often the frequency of these problems, that inform the surveys/research studies that we carry out.

What many often fail to comprehend, is that we conduct other forms of investigations of issues that involve unfair treatment of these International Students that come to us and trust us with their problems. Thus, as VOIS Cyprus, we do not blindly speak about the issues we try to get society to reflect on, and solve collectively. We also do not simply act because participants are international students, or without regard of where/when they are perhaps in the wrong. Where they are, we calmly educate without judgement.

Some of these issues for the First Quarter of 2021 include Housing violations, Working condition issues, Police abuse, Scams, HIV violations, and Gender violation.

We reiterate that these issues do not imply that everyone has these experiences, but that way too many do. We are simply asking for all of us to collectively ask ourselves the right questions, and act proactively.

We will be going LIVE on Sunday (April 4th) on Facebook by 5:30pm, to wrap up our Anti-Racism Week which had been coordinated by our Committee on Institutional Discrimination.

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Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-04-02

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