Do not sign a contract in Turkish.
Be extremely careful working with agents to find houses or work.
Have a copy of your house contract, bills, payments and always have documentation in general.


A landlord cannot force you out of a house with police.
Do not work in construction sites.
Minimum wage is 4400 TL (17/4/2021).
Work permit is on the employer to pay and do.
Police can question you on the street if they have a reasonable cause of suspicion however they cannot search you or arrest you.

How to open an ISBANK:

Make appointment
300 USD deposit
Domicile Certificate (Ikametgah Bilgesi) (You get it from your Mukhtar or dorm)
Valid passport
Student certificate

EMU Accounting office working hours:

9 – 11:30
13:00 – 16:00

KoopBank working hours:

8:15 – 12:30
14:00 – 15:45

Public transport bus timings:

N/A due to COVID-19

EMU clinic schedule:

Emergency lines:

Police: 155
Fire: 199
Ambulance: 112


TRNC State Scholarship:

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