Do not sign a contract in Turkish.
Be extremely careful working with agents to find houses or work.
Have a copy of your house contract, bills, payments and always have documentation in general.


A landlord cannot force you out of a house with police.
Do not work in construction sites.
Minimum wage is 4400 TL (17/4/2021).
Work permit is on the employer to pay and do.
Police can question you on the street if they have a reasonable cause of suspicion however they cannot search you or arrest you.

How to open an ISBANK:

Make appointment
300 USD deposit
Domicile Certificate (Ikametgah Bilgesi) (You get it from your Mukhtar or dorm)
Valid passport
Student certificate

EMU Accounting office working hours:

9 – 11:30
13:00 – 16:00

KoopBank working hours:

8:15 – 12:30
14:00 – 15:45

Public transport bus timings:

N/A due to COVID-19

Steps to get entry exit report and crime record:

First, go to the post offices of your city and ask for stamps for either or both papers, total is 3 stamps, 25 TL each for 2 stamps for crime record and around 20 TL for one stamp for the entry exit report. Have Google translate in hand.
Print 2 passport photocopies, muhaceret, student certificate and 2 small photographs, this is for both reports.
Take this to the police station and find the relevant people.
Entry exit is out immediately, crime record usually after one day.

Steps to pay customs when you get shipment from abroad (Ali express and others):

First go to cargo company that brought your shipment, they will SMS you, usually you will pay a small fee there and take a paper. Have Google translate ready.
Go to Gomruk Dairesi Sanayi Lefkoşa, they close at 3 pm in winter.
First go take paper from manager in the small building, then give the paper to store house worker to find your parcel, then bring parcel to the small office first on the right when you enter the warehouse, give to the person to sign paper, they'll keep your parcel there, then go back to other building and find the office of the person to calculate your tax, then go to the other room in same building to pay it.
After all that go back to the same office you left your parcel and you're done. Have Google translate in hand as not everyone speaks English.

EMU clinic schedule:

Emergency lines:

Police: 155
Fire: 199
Ambulance: 112


TRNC State Scholarship:

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