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VOIS Bi-Weekly Volunteers (31/03/2021)

Meet our bi-weekly volunteers who have demonstrated hard work in their respective Committees!

📌 MARIAMA JAMMEH, from our Mental Health Committee shares:

“Being a volunteer at VOIS has only added more to my life. One of my favourite things about VOIS is the people and the passion and commitment they put into their work. It is truly inspiring!"


📌NIGEL CHIDOMBWE, from the Institutional Discrimination Committee shares:

"I joined VOIS to add my voice and change the lives of international students on the island. It has not been easy but the diversity in VOIS and my Committee continues to give me hope that we can thrive for a better society."


📌 GABRIELA DA NOBREGA, from our Gender Related Issues Committee says:

“Being a VOIS Cyprus volunteer is not that you have to be someone special, it’s about ordinary people doing the best they can to make a difference together, and by that we all become extraordinary individuals.” 39A940CC-BDEB-45CE-9C0F-61E1038B3DB4

📌 VICTOR NWAEJIE, from our Media Team says:

“Volunteering at VOIS has been a nice learning experience. I've learnt the importance of team idea and brainstorming while working in its media team. I joined VOIS to gain experience in an Organisation and I'm glad to say I'm getting just that.” 645F9895-9365-41AD-8394-EC4EBD271C08

📌MICHAEL TESFAYE BEKELE, from our Media Team says:

“Through my involvement in VOIS, I have had an incredible experience as part of a team. The teams and Committees are highly motivated young people with good teamwork ethics. They are hardworking and creative thinkers who can draw on their own experience and observation to develop and address thoughtful opinions on varieties of issues.” 4F6D62BD-8CD2-4E04-A434-1EBCD2A324E2



Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-03-31

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