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Natural Disasters and Home Emergencies: Staying Safe.

It has been about 4 weeks, since we experienced the earthquake in the TRNC.

Hold on a minute. There's absolutely zero reasons for panic. We wonder too, why we have dedicated efforts to provide sensitisation about this issue. We're VOIS, and not the weather channel or blog. But we may have kind of promised you a post like this a month ago?

Your safety matters to us, and there's also the saying that no knowledge is a waste. So here you go. On the slides, there is information on Earthquakes, Tonardoes and home emergencies, as well as toll lines to contact during some emergencies.

The Meteorology Department of the TRNC has warned that frost is expected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.

The wind will predominantly blow from the North and West at medium strength. Stormy winds are expected until noon tomorrow (Thursday).

Be careful out there, will ya? We would appreciate it as well if you watch the video below and share it with others.


Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-02-17

Stay safe by staying home #COVID19 #EvdeKal #StayHome