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If Laws Kill | VOIS Cyprus Patients' Rights Report and Health Campaign.

"As an organization which advocates for equal rights, fairness, and justice in the treatment of foreign students in the northern part of Cyprus in all matters related to our lives, we are obliged to critique the failure of the administration to uphold universally accepted standards of health care provision, the right of access to health care services, the right to preventive measures, the right to information, the right to privacy and confidentiality, the right to the observance of quality standards, the right to safety standards, the right to innovation, the right to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain, and the right to legal remedies, and the right to compensation. All of which constitute a part of the basic rights of patients as well as universally accepted human rights standards" - VOIS Patients' Rights Report.

In December 2019, a foreign national (Nigerian) studying in North Cyprus: Mr. Mohammed Saliu Michael passed away because he was unable to receive the treatment – organ donation from a family member (brother) – he needed due to provisions in Article 26 of the Law on the rules regarding organ transplantation, in North Cyprus.

Furthermore, VOIS Cyprus has received numerous complaints from the families and friends of students who have been deported from North Cyprus – in line with the provisions of Article 6 on the Aliens and Immigration Law – after having been tested positive for HIV, Hepatitis B or C.

In both cases, universally accepted standards of human and patient’s rights of affected persons have been neglected, violated, and abused.

We are pleased to have premiered this movie, marking the commencement of our Health/Patients' Rights Campaign in Northern Cyprus, at our Capacity Building Workshop which took place on the 28th of February, 2020!

To download our comprehesive report on this issue, please visit:here youtubeimage

Posted by Vois Official on 2020-02-25

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