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We delivered 70 packages in total to International Students in various cities in the TRNC, in the second batch of our current Second Relief Aid program, except for the few persons that we could not reach. However, their packages will be given to others who need them. 馃嵄

These comprised of 13 deliveries in Girne, 8 in Lefke, 21 in Lefko艧a, and 28 in Ma臒usa, by our kind City Representatives. 馃殌

Your kind cash donations were instrumental to us concluding the First Batch, as a way to complement for those who could not apply to or receive the Ministry of Labour and Social Security's Aid, that we helped to distribute in certain cases (for students who resided Off-Campus in their cities and applied for it through VOIS). We will soon publish more information for full transparency on how the funds were used! Thanks to all of you!

We extend immense gratitude to Girne Iyilik G枚n眉ll眉leri (a Charity-helping Organization, affiliated with the Cyprus Evkaf Foundation) for their donation to us in food packages, which made 68 out of these 70 package deliveries possible! We also appreciate our Volunteers who are taken responsible steps and precautions, as well as their time to assist with conducting these deliveries. 馃檹

We are trying to put together the third and final batch of our current Food Relief Program, for those who applied within the past week and half. We will provide update on the outcome as usual. 鈩癸笍

Please continue to practice good hygiene, physical distance, wear masks, sanitise and wash your hands often, avoid crowded areas, and follow all the stipulated rules. Penalization will apply to those who fail to adhere. More importantly, remember to be kind to one another.

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Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-03-31

Stay safe by staying home #COVID19 #EvdeKal #StayHome