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Together We Prevail

Together we prevail! 馃殌

We're wondering how many of you have stumbled upon our posters around, in your cities, by happenstance. Thanks to the incredible help of our Volunteers across the different cities. 馃憖

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The poster is our cheesy reminder to you that we're here for you, and will continue to demand for fair rights and best conditions for international students in the TRNC. 鈽猴笍


Funfact: Our President designed this, with all of you in mind.


You see, our journey has not been an easy one. We don't always have it figured out, but we stride on, and will not relent. Your encouragement means the world. Through participation in our activities, volunteering, engaging with our content, filling and sharing our surveys, donating and so on, you're doing a lot! 馃挭

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Antagonism will not get us far. We're happy to learn, and could always use YOUR help in the Organization! 馃檶

Don't forget to #SpeakUp for your rights and decent treatment! 馃攰

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Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-04-15

Stay safe by staying home #COVID19 #EvdeKal #StayHome