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Unlearning (and Learning about) Racism

In our attempt to continue to raise awareness about racial discrimination and educate our community through our Anti-Racism Campaign, we intend to present with this infographic some of the problems faced by many international students in the TRNC.

Our aim is that by highlighting these issues, we can engender debates as to how to collectively improve and progress as a society.

It is important to highlight as was reflected in our previous survey on the "perceptions" of Racial discrimination in the TRNC, 88% of 524 international students indicated that they had experienced one form of racism or another.

We should seek to listen rather than gaslight. If we indeed say there's no racism in our society, we must strive to see that any experiences of this societal vice is confronted and defeated, together. As a progressive society we have a collective duty to ensure that racism, racialism, racist attitudes and prejudices are uprooted.

Some people tend to think that Racism assumes only one form, and might continue to deny its existence, simply because it does not fit some popular standards abroad. Hence, through well-meant efforts to combat and tackle such existing racial discrimination in the TRNC, we find it necessary to provide an accurate depiction of the nature of racism and racist behavior.

As such, we invite our fellow international students to fill this survey that attempts to provide on one hand, a comprehensive and on the other, a contextually-accurate definition of racism from the perspective of international students in the northern part of Cyprus: https://t.co/F8xF6ZVmox

Please watch the video below;


Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-03-29

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