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Meet Our Bi-Weekly Volunteers!

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馃搶 TABEREK AHMAD SHAH from our Gender Related Issues Committee shares: "In the three months I have spent with VOIS, we have worked together on a lot of projects regarding abuse, sexual harassment and other gender issues. These projects prove how VOIS is continuously working and doing its best to discuss serious issues that we face regularly. It feels so good being part of the solution."

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馃搶 MARAM LAOUAR from our Mental Health Committee says: "'Happy people are givers'. I always believed in this quote. Joining VOIS was sudden for me and at the beginning I wasn't really sure about what I can give but with time I've understood that the VOIS is a turning point in my life. I became a better person, and it already taught me a lot! I will be always grateful to the person who made me think about it and to VOIS Cyprus!"

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馃搶 ALPHA SUMAREH from our Institutional Discrimination Committee happily shares:

"'I consider myself a Techie that gets lost in the world of digital. My experience has been anything around technology and media related. During the pandemic virtual conferences kept us together and made it possible to carry out some VOIS activities and I got excited each time I set up a virtual conference. This also enabled me to contribute to the VOIS student documentary premiere and executives elections when it had to happen online!

My favorite thing about being a volunteer is the connection, networking among the phenomenal VOIS members who all want to effect positive change in societies and having the opportunity to learn, share, laugh and grow together.

The whole pandemic should be over soon, I miss the VOIS workshops where you get to learn about other students' life in TRNC in a day than you could in one or two years. I fell in love with VOIS after attending the 2019 workshop with an urge that it's the place to be as a student to add value which subsequently resonates to making life better for international students in North Cyprus."

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馃搶 IFEOLUWA TAYO from our Working Conditions Committee says:

"'Being a volunteer in VOIS has given me the opportunity to learn more about the international community here in Cyprus. We are currently working on updates about the work permits, sharing this updates within the international community (especially new students) and also trying to create a platform to help international students gain access to employment opportunities."

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馃搶 AURORE ILUNGA from our Housing Issues Committee says:

"I've been volunteering at VOIS Cyprus for a few months now, precisely in the Housing Issues Committee.

We're currently working on ways to tackle and spread awareness especially via social media on housing issues faced by students in North Cyprus and I look forward to many more months working with my team!"

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馃搶 OMAR ALI from our Gender Related Issues Committee says:

"I entered into VOIS with a certain high expectation and it's safe to say it exceeded my expectation by a mile. I wanted to be more aware of the problems and situations happening around me and be more knowledgeable about sensitive and harsh topics and be able to help in any way possible.

My experience with VOIS till now is really enjoyable and fun to be in. From the meetings I attend with my colleagues and discussing ideas together and making progress with certain ideas. Attending informative webinars planned by VOIS to educate us and be more informative about different topics etc. I am happy to be apart of VOIS and I'm excited about what the future holds!"



Posted by VOIS OFFICIAL on 2021-02-03

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