Voices of International Students (VOIS) was formed on 5th February, 2018 following the heinous murder of Kennedy Taomwabwa Dede, a Nigerian student resident in the North Cyprus. Prior to this murder, a seminar on ‘The Problems Faced by International Students in Cyprus’ organized by the Teachers’ Union of EMU had brought to the limelight many of the difficulties faced by international students. VOIS was founded following these two significant events, and out of the necessity to give a voice, as well as provide a platform for international students to share their experiences and challenges with the aim of seeking for solutions. After over a year of hard work by a number of dedicated individuals, VOIS Cyprus has now expanded around North Cyprus extending its presence across the five main universities in North Cyprus (EMU, NEU, GAU, CIU, EUL) and across the 3 main cities (Famagusta, Lefkosia, Girne). VOIS is structured into 10 committees and departments and counts over 50 active volunteers and 500 members working relentlessly to alleviate issues faced by international students here and give them a voice, as well as contributing to the wellbeing of the host community (North Cyprus).

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