"He is a Syrian national and a Psychology major with experience on activism and a passion for helping others. Ashraf believes in an injustice free society where everyone鈥檚 rights are heard and respected. And in the worth and value of individuals and their inner potentials. He enjoys nature and hiking in his free time and teasing Emmanuel Achiri about his love for Manchester United."


Ashraf Saleem


Secretary General

Maghazi Ahmed

"I鈥檓 a Sudanese Civil Engineering student, human rights activist and a sustainable development advocate. I believe that a just and sustainable future is attainable through youth participation and their creative innovations. I dream of a world where all groups are fairly represented within all societies and have access to their basic rights as well as recognition of their inherent dignity. When I鈥檓 not involved in academic and volunteering work I enjoy writing poetry, painting and exploring new places and cultures. "



"He is a Nigerian and a PhD candidate in International Relations at Eastern Mediterranean University. He hopes society will be blind to race one day and believes in the necessity to fight for equal rights for everyone. He loves making music and playing games in his free time"

Department Head

Samuel Akoni


"鈥淢ahmoud Oluwatoyin Munir, 21, Nigerian, a final year economics major at Eastern Mediterranean University.""

Ex-Department Head

Mahmoud Oluwatoyin Munir


"She is a Nigerian national and a postgraduate student of International Relations. Favour is the current Director of Social Media of VOIS Cyprus, and is passionate about activism and advocacy. Professionally, her interests include issues on Security, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, IPE, and more. She is a writer, footballer, tennis player, and ardent reader. She hopes to advance/facilitate her country's foreign policy. "


" Psychology Major, Cyprus International University. Humanity first; Build bridges even for rivers you've crossed. Psychology and People; Keen observer of people and things. Self Actualization; Man know thyself. "


" I am a Nigerian, an economic major (Bsc), will be graduating this spring semester, been working at the international office of GAU since 2018, at the multicultural center and the international Admissions office offering my services to international students both new and old and in some case the locals. I am an introvert but very adventurous and open to try new things. A tech enthusiast and interested in IT, also do basic graphic design during my free time. Well decided to join VOIS because I got tired of being among the people who complain in the background about the abnormalities in the system and wanted to be part of the people speaking up and making the change. And I don't want my effort to just be limited to just GAU."


"Noluthando Masikane (is the name 馃檪 incase that wasnt obvious ) is a passion driven leader with a heart for the people. She is a Business Management Graduate focused in the creative digital branding space. She has a passion for fashion, music and anything that requires creative skills. She loves to work with people in the process of learning and creating. Her goal is to make impact in the communities around her in every way possible. She joined VOiS to help international students have the uni experience that she always wanted. Her end goal is to create a more conducive environment and social setting for students to thrive in. "



Deals with discrimination and racism at an institutional level.

Committee Head

Maram Laouar

"I'm Maram Laouar, an Algerian medical student at Eastern Mediterranean University and human rights activist. I dream of a world where no right is stolen, and everyone is respected, as I believe that it is our obligation to amplify concerns as a youth. Our role is to make changes, particularly on incompetence, poor governance, and inequality. Moreover, I believe that awareness about human rights and social issues is increasing among our generation, as I'm confident that we will eventually get to a place where we all participate in the impact-making process. Finally, I'm a good cook, obsessed with books and I hate shopping!"


Tackles gender-based issues and offenses and tries to raise awareness regarding appropriate behaviours and protection methods
"Nancy Ngum Achu is a PhD Candidate at the Graduate school of Social Sciences, Near East University, TRNC where she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Political Science and International Relations. She possesses a Double Major Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies and Law obtained in 2013 at the University of Buea, Cameroon and a Masters degree in International Relations obtained in 2018 from Eastern Mediterranean University, TRNC. Currently, she is a member of VOIS CYPRUS and Volunteers in the Organisation. She loves outdoor activities and never misses an opportunity to engage with people."

Committee Head

Nancy Ngum Achu


Deals with all issues related to the mental health of international students, helping to remove stigma from those affected by it and improving the general situation.
"Hi I鈥檓 Mariama! I鈥檓 a political science major, nature lover and a total foodie. Above all else, I鈥檓 a listener and a lover of stories, whether that be through people, books or movies. I have a deep desire to understand the world around me and hopefully, leave it a better place. My passion on the topic of mental health stems from its taboo nature in my culture. I still have so much to learn and through the amazing people and their work in VOIS, I鈥檝e witnessed VOIS empower so many people to raise their voices and share their stories"

Committee Head

Mariama Jammeh


Handles the working situations and housing in North Cyprus and deals with cases of exploitation, wage and permit issues, scamming, landlord problems, and many others
"I'm nigerian national and an Architectute major. Joined VOIS to help tackle housing and work place injustices against international students in Cyprus. I love music and basketball and cherish my alone time."

Ex-Committee Head

Edem Hagan

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